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Deixant empremta anglès1

On the 18th of April, Marta, Nil and Anna from Deixant Empremta came to our high school to tell us, the batxillerat students, about opportunities to travel while volunteering. They explained different types of voluntary work that we could do such as workcamps,  youth exchanges, projects of the European Solidarity Corps and the International Brigades together with other options to travel, work and volunteer with international young people. Even though the majority of options to volunteer are for people above eighteen, they were really interesting and we will take them into consideration in the future. Apart from that, they also told us their own experiences in volunteering, claiming that it is a better way to travel than going on a tourist trip because you can truly see how people in that place live and learn about their culture. Besides, you share the experience with other young people from different countries and cultures and make new friends from all over the world, which is very enriching. They also gave us some advice and talked about their organization. International mobility is a great tool to learn languages and make us all more open-minded.


Sònia Closa, 1r de batx. B

Deixant empremta anglès2